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Discover the innovative world of custom-made automatic gates with Electric Gates UK. Experience the perfect blend of style, security, and convenience. Unleash the potential of your property today with our tailor-made electric sliding gates with nationwide installation. Our handmade residential electric gates are not only designed for security but also to add a touch of elegance and grandeur to your property.

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Why Choose Residential Electric Sliding Gates For Driveways With Us? 

  1. Customisable Design: Choose from a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes to create your dream gate.
  2. Quality Craftsmanship: Every gate we create is a testament to our commitment to excellence.
  3. Advanced Technology: Our automatic gates come with a mobile app for remote access and control.
  4. Automatic Function: We provide easy-to-use automatic gates for your convenience and safety.
  5. Unique Add-Ons: We offer a range of unique add-ons, just ask our team.
  6. Expert Installation: Rest easy knowing your gate will be installed by experienced, qualified professionals.
  7. Exceptional Customer Service: From initial consultation to after-sales support, we’re with you every step of the way.

Custom Electric Driveway Gates With Designs That Speak Your Style

The beauty of custom-made automatic gates is that you can have them tailor-made to your style and preferences. Whether you fancy a sleek, modern design or you’re more inclined towards a classic, ornate style, the choice is yours! If you’re in the market for modern electric gates, we have a wide array of design options to fit every aesthetic taste. 

Choosing Your Perfect Custom Electric Gate Automation

Installing gate automation for your property is a sensible decision for any homeowner due to an electric gate bringing (among other benefits) convenience. This is a decision that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also significantly improve security, and the value up to 5%! Here are some considerations you will need to cover when choosing the best commercial or residential electric gate for your needs.

Selecting the Right Electric Gate Systems

Firstly, you need to decide the type of gate that suits your property. This choice will be influenced by your aesthetic preference, available space, and budget. Whether you lean towards electric swing gates or a electric sliding gates, Electric Gates UK can customise the design to your liking. 

Type of GateCustomisable?Automatic?Available at Electric Gates UK?
Swing GatesYesYesYes
Sliding GatesYesYesYes
Bi-fold GatesYesNoNo
Pedestrian GatesYesOptionalYes

Choosing The Material For Your Front Electric Gate

Next, consider the gate’s material. For longevity and durability, aluminium, steel or wrought iron are popular choices. If you’re aiming for a more natural look, wooden gates can be just as sturdy and secure. 

Why Electric Sliding Gates For Driveways With Us

If you are researching residential electric sliding gates, you’ve come to the right place – we understand that every home is unique. That’s why we offer fully customisable options to fit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic wrought iron gate or a modern, sleek design, we’ve got you covered. But our commitment doesn’t end at the design. We take pride in providing robust, long-lasting powered gates that require minimal maintenance. An automatic sliding gate is not just visually appealing; they’re built to stand the test of time.

Installing Your Electric Driveway Gates

Imagine pulling up to your home after a long day, and with just a push of a button, your gate swings open, welcoming you back into your own personal sanctuary. That’s the convenience of a residential electric sliding gates, and it’s a luxury that’s easier to attain than you might think. Let’s dive into the process of installing your automatic gate. 

The Pre-Installation Process 

Before the installation of your automatic gate, there’s a bit of groundwork to be done. This is where the customisation really shines, as you’ll have the freedom to choose every detail of your gate, from its design to its operational function. 

  • Designing Your Gate: Whether you prefer a classic wrought-iron look or a modern, sleek design, Electric Gates UK can make your vision come to life.
  • Choosing Your Operation Style: Swing or slide? You get to decide how your gate operates based on your property’s specifications and your personal preferences.

The Installation Process 

Once your gate is designed and built to your specifications, our professionals will handle the installation process. When it comes to automated gates, our team prides itself on delivering a seamless, hassle-free installation, ensuring that your gate operates smoothly and safely. 

“Our goal is to make your life easier. We do this by providing top-notch installation services, ensuring that your automatic gate is installed correctly and functions flawlessly,” says a spokesperson for Electric Gates UK.

Maintenance and Support

But the service doesn’t stop at installation. If you are looking for automated gates with ongoing maintenance, our team offers ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your automatic gate continues to perform at its best. Whether it’s routine servicing to keep your gate in top shape or troubleshooting any issues, we’ve got you covered. 

Customisation and Style 

A custom-made automatic gate from Electric Gates UK is designed to complement your home’s exterior and personal style. Whether you’re after a sleek, modern design or something more traditional, the choice is yours. You’re not just buying a gate; you’re enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Warranty and After-Sale Service

Imagine coming home after a long day, only to find your automatic gate malfunctioning. You’re tired and the last thing you want to do is manually lift the gate. At Electric Gates UK, we totally get it. That’s why we offer a robust warranty and stellar after-sale service for our custom-made automatic gates.

“When style meets security, you get Electric Gates UK.”

Electric Driveway Gates FAQs

When it comes to custom-made automatic gates, the materials used can make all the difference. We pride ourselves on crafting our quality gates from the finest quality materials. 


Renowned for its durability and strength, steel is a popular choice for custom-made for a residential electric gate. When treated correctly, steel gates can resist rust and endure harsh weather conditions. Our team creates sliding electric gates for driveways with this robust material and transforms it into a bespoke piece of functional art. Each steel gate is uniquely crafted to meet the individual needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


Aluminium, a lightweight and robust material, is perfect for automated gates. It’s resistant to the harsh UK weather, be it heavy snowfall or a scorching heatwave. Plus, it doesn’t rust or rot, making it a long-lasting sliding electric gate solution.


Wooden automatic gates are more than just an entry point. They offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic charm. Made from the finest quality timber, these electric sliding gate options act as a grand statement to any home or driveway. 

Installing an electric gate: timeline 

Generally speaking, the installation process of an electric gate can take anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. The exact timeframe, however, depends on the complexity of your chosen design and the specific details of your property. 

Factors Affecting Installation Time 

Several factors can influence the time it takes to install your custom-made automatic driveway gates. Let’s delve into them: 

  1. Customisation: More complex designs will naturally take longer to install. The team at Electric Gates UK painstakingly ensures that every detail is perfect, so rest assured, your wait will be worth it.
  2. Property Specifications: Every property is unique, which means each installation has its own set of challenges. Sloping driveways, for example, may require additional time to ensure a perfect fit.
  3. Weather conditions: Adverse weather can certainly slow down the process, but our dedicated team will always do their best to work around the elements and keep delays to a minimum.

In conclusion, while you might be eager to get your new electric gate up and running, remember that quality takes time. The team at Electric Gates UK will keep you informed every step of the way, ensuring you’re as thrilled with the installation process as you are with your custom-made automatic gate.

Are you wondering if you can operate your residential electric gates remotely? Well, you’re in luck! If you’re looking for automatic electric gates from us, you are not only guaranteed top-notch quality but also the convenience of remote control operation. 

Electric Gates UK understands the importance of both security and convenience. That’s why all our custom-made automatic gates come with a remote control system. Now, you can operate your gate from the comfort of your car or home. No more getting out in the rain to open the gate! 

But it doesn’t stop there. Our sophisticated remote control systems are designed to work seamlessly with other home gate automation systems. So, you can effortlessly integrate your gate operation with your overall home security.

Imagine this: you’re pulling into your driveway after a long day, and with a simple click, your gates swing open without you having to step out of your car. That’s the convenience offered by handmade automatic gates from Electric Gates UK. But aside from convenience, these gates also boast top-notch safety features that ensure peace of mind.

Advanced Sensor Technology 

The automatic gates are equipped with advanced sensor technology. This means that if they detect an object or person in their path while closing, they will stop and reverse to prevent any accidents. It’s a little bit like having your very own robotic doorman who’s always looking out for you! 

Emergency Release Mechanism 

Worried about what happens during a power outage? Rest easy! The electrical gates have an emergency release mechanism. This feature ensures you can manually operate the gate in case of any electrical failures. It’s the perfect blend of modern convenience and traditional reliability. 

Secure Access Controls 

With custom made automatic gates, you’re not just getting a gate; you’re getting a high-tech security solution. These gates come with secure access controls, which means you can decide who gets in and who doesn’t. They can be operated via a remote control, keypad, or even your smartphone. Plus, the encrypted communication links mean your gate cannot be hacked. It’s like having your personal security guard on duty 24/7, keeping unwanted guests at bay. 

When it comes to residential electric gates installed by us, maintenance is a breeze. These gates, packed with high-end technology, are designed for durability and longevity. But like all tech marvels, they need a bit of love and care to keep them performing at their best. 

Regular Cleaning 

First and foremost, regular cleaning is essential. Dust, debris, and other environmental elements can accumulate on the gate and its mechanisms, potentially affecting its operation. But worry not, a simple wash-down with warm soapy water and a soft cloth occasionally is all you need to keep your gate looking brand new. 

Regular Inspections 

Secondly, regular inspections are critical. Check for any signs of wear and tear, such as rust on metal components or cracks in wood panels. If detected early, these issues are typically easy to fix, ensuring your gate’s longevity and optimal performance. 


Lastly, lubrication is key. All moving parts of the gate, including hinges and tracks, need regular greasing to reduce friction and prevent premature wear. A good rule of thumb is to lubricate your gate every six months, or more frequently if it’s used often. 

Remember, a well-maintained electric gate not only guarantees smooth operation but also enhances the curb appeal of your property. With us, you get a custom electric gate that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but also a breeze to maintain!